Vote No Against Waste – St. Paul.

I haven’t really seen much information throughout St. Paul concerning the new school levy that is being pushed for by Saint Paul Public Schools, and anything that I have seen is are few and far between little yard signs saying to vote “Yes for St. Paul Kids”. I might be the only person who doesn’t see this as a vote for St. Paul kids, but more of a vote whether or not you support arrogant waste in St. Paul Public Schools. Here is what I am taking about:

Instead of renewing the previous levy they had on the books, they decided to lump maintaining the current extra funding and throwing an additional 25% increase on top. I would think many people other than myself would agree that a 25% increase in funding is a little ridiculous in this economy and with results that cannot be verified one way or another.

I received 3 of these flyers telling me to “Vote Yes!” at my house, due to the school district not knowing that The Wife, Me, and The Wife and I all live at the same address and have the same mail slot. Maybe, it was a small mess up for my house? Should the school district be taking money away from the schools they are claiming so desperately need to fund advertisements in city that won’t turn down any chance to have their taxes raised? I don’t think so.

They claim that the increase is for “investment in technology”. Do all the kids need the most expensive Ipads or apple laptops? Do they even need them at all? From the looks of most standardized testing they need to work on the 3 r’s.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Was it a gutsy move to ask for a 25% increase in the levy as a yes or no vote? Do school need more technology or do they need to get back to text books and the basics?

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