Mojo Monkey Donuts.

Looking for something to fill my coffee and donuts fix yesterday morning in the West 7th neighborhood in St. Paul, I stumbled a crossed Mojo Monkey Donuts. It’s a cozy little coffee/donuts shop located roughly halfway between the I-35E bubble it the interstate creates around the neighborhood.

The Shop

With the large amount of coffee shops in the area it’s really no surprise that Mojo Monkey Donuts was relatively replacing Rudie’s Coffee House (a motorcycle coffee house) with a newer much hipper teal/monkey theme that covers the entire shop giving it almost an ice cream parlor feel. When you walk into the small space there are two lines one for ordering food while you wait, and the other for picking up food up. That combined with a small area for getting coffee out of airpots, two tables for two, and a large kitchen/counter/display area the entire space is filled. With the small space, I would either count on coming at an off peak time if you are planning on eating in store, or plan on taking it somewhere else. The store went from busy to full in the time we drank our coffee. Other than the size it’s a nice welcoming space that seems to have an ice cream parlor feel to it.

The Food

They sell only pastries and coffee. The friend who was with me ended up getting beignets (basically power-sugared non-holed fresh fried donuts) and I ended up getting a raspberry chocolate bismarck. My friend said he enjoyed the beignets that required a short wait as they were made after he order them, and my bismarck (pictured) not only looked good but tasted better with a very unique raspberry filling. I didn’t catch the brand of the coffee, but my dark roast seemed what I expected it would be.

A cup of coffee and a pastry will set you back about $5, which would seem a bit steep if the different combinations of bread and sugars didn’t taste as good as they look. So I would definitely recommend a stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Have you stopped by Mojo Monkey Donuts? If you have what are your thoughts?


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