GoDaddy Apology.

A few months ago, Godaddy took a lot of heat for supporting SOPA, then reversed course on the matter still leaving them to be the target of hacker groups like Anonymous who like to do willful damage around the internet. It’s my bet that Anonymous has been trying to take down or do some sort of damage to GoDaddy for quite a while and seem to be successful… at least partially for part of a day on September 10th.

The whole ordeal really could be talked about for days, but something sort of neat and meaningful came out of the deal to me. Within a week they had mailed out an apology email (pictured) to everyone that uses GoDaddy services and was affected by the mess. Why I appreciate this is that they are disclosing they had been somewhat compromised, whereas some other websites when having passwords and personal information stolen fail to contact anyone involved rather sending out a press release to CNN and sending out new debit cards. A lot of people don’t like GoDaddy for their positions on somethings, but they will be around for a while because they do offer solid service and some of the lowest rates around the internet, and they can hold their own even when under attack.

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