Bees Vs. Wasps Vs. Hornets Vs. Yellow Jackets

Many people don’t really take the time to differentiate between the various types of flying stinging bee like insects flying around their yard, but in the last few weeks I have been experiencing some what of a war in between the various types mostly consisting of Yellow Jackets and Wasps with the other types sometimes entering the mix. Through out the ordeal of trying to “take care” of them and their various nests under eaves and around the yard I have came to one significant conclusion:

Yellow Jackets are the worst stinging insect to have any where near your home.

All of the other stinging insects seem to be rather slow flying and seem to be searching for something on their own, whereas yellow jackets seem to fly as quickly as house flies in large groups looking for sugar (preferably something processed) or to sting someone. As an added bonus there are two or more types of yellow jackets… some that like to build nests in eaves and in the trees, and the other type sometimes known as ground bees that love to build a nest where people are going to set up a tent.

Does anyone have a more productive way to rid myself of these stinging bees than sprays? Maybe something they could carry home with them for all their friends? Ideas?


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