NFL Hazing/Bullying?

Force (a new or potential recruit to the military, a college fraternity, etc.) to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks.

Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

Famous people around the world have been claiming that they were bullied throughout their lives as well as many “common folk” are setting up organizations to trying prevent bullying in our schools. Even the US government is setting up websites to discourage the action. From the definitions above Hazing and Bullying are quite the same in that they force a victim to do something that they ultimately wouldn’t wanted to do on there own, whether it’s being assaulted or having their property damage or something else.

Yet when these actions occur in the NFL they are immediately relayed about how funny it is for the veterans to be hazing the rookies through various channels. NFL players are presented as individuals that children can look up to, yet NFL players (adult millionaires) can haze new players without any consequences. If a group of kids were to do anything near what happens to rookie players in the NFL they would be thrown off a sports team and likely kicked out of school.

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