Mickey’s Diner (By Willy).

Mickey'sWhile pondering someplace relatively local for decent breakfast food, The Wife changed her regular “I don’t care where” to “let’s go to Mickey’s, the one out on West 7th, not downtown.”

The Diner

The restaurant is easy to get to being located on West 7th near the I-35E exit and stands out fairly well with a large parking lot (far enough from downtown to be free!) being next to¬† a Famous Dave’s. The building itself has a nice 1950′s styling to it, very much what you would expect from a diner in design. One row of booths against the wall with a row of chairs along the counter and 2 tables at the end. With it being fairly small, it could get quite interesting walking in with a group of more than 4 people especially when they are busy.

The Food/Service

The wife and I in general stick to the staples for breakfast and decided to both go with omelets and coffee. Our omelets were some of the best that I have had, consisting of visually appealing ingredients and ending up to be super fluffy. Initially, it had taken some time to get our orders in and to refill our coffees before our server was switched out for a more seasoned server who knew when we needed something, really changing my attitude of the place from having mediocre to very good service.


The food that they make they seem to make it quite well, with prices that seem to be fairly inline with my expectations for West 7th St. At least for me, I find that it has a small diner feel rather than that of a chain restaurant adding a few bonus points in my book. You should probably get over and try Mickey’s out if you haven’t whether it’s at traditional breakfast time or any other time with them being open 24/7/365. If you have eaten here what are your thoughts?

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