Claddagh Coffee – West 7th St. Paul

Located on the beautiful West 7th Street in St. Paul, Claddagh Coffee was a welcomely  cool respite on one of this week’s scorchingly hot days. This type of quaint shop seems to be cropping up more and more in our neighborhood, but I’m not complaining.

Interior: Although its only been open for a year or so, Claddagh’s comfortable atmosphere gives off the vibe that it’s been around a long time.  Although the whole “Irish” theme doesn’t speak to me (it all kind of reminds me of 90′s fashion and the over-popularity of RiverDance), it’s not overly done. The dining room is calm, clean and comfortable.

Food/Drink: The drinks were high quality, and there was a decent offering of baked goods. The lunch menu is pretty impressive, although I didn’t personally partake. Vegetarians would have lots of options an entree and for those so inclined, there were quite a few gluten-free options. 

Conclusion: The friendly staff, clean atmosphere and solidly decent fare make Claddagh is definitely worth a stop – for anyone who likes to hang out in coffee shops, I could easily see it as becoming your “regular” place.

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