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A few days ago, the wife and I were driving through Highland Park (St. Paul) and I saw a new submarine sandwich shop which appealed to me. This was a weird because I do not frequent Highland Park nor Ford Parkway and it had probably been 6 months since I was in that area. The sub shop was called as the title of this post Which Wich which accompanies the tag line “Superior Sandwiches”. So a few days after learning about the existence of said fast food restaurant The Wife and I were headed back to meet one of my friends at this location.First off, realize there is no parking near this restaurant that is available, we all ended up hiking in from blocks away and realizing how good their location is to be seen, yet impossible to stop in unplanned.

The Menu

Walking into the restaurant I would describe it as having a Chipotle style decor utilizing stainless steel with concrete floors, yet seemed bigger and cleaner due to their choices of yellow instead of dark maroon and green. After walking in the front door you are presented with the menu (as pictured), which has a large table with writing utensils and various sandwich bags. They claim they have 51 different sandwiches which seemed a little bit high considering they only had 10 different bags for options (think turkey, beef, vegan, etc.). After a quick explanation by an employee we were filling out our bags of what type of sandwich we wanted and after a few attempts of adding ingredients I decided wouldn’t be good together I settled on some sort of spicy Buffalo Chicken sub.

There sandwiches are a little more expensive than either Subway or Jimmy Johns, but they still fall below a Quizno’s sub falling between 7.50 to 13.00 bucks for a regular (no extra meat or cheese) for a meal. They did seem to have nearly identical “ideals” to Chipotle with the idea that you could order your sub in a bowl or how ever else you wanted without being confined to their white or wheat hoagie bun.

The Experience/Food

After sitting down and waiting for probably 5-8 minutes and chatting, I realized this was not a Fast Food restaurant. They seemed to be fully staffed with 5 workers behind the service counter and it took the longest I have ever received for a sub. To their benefit, every sub is made exactly to order like a Subway without the need to stand behind a sneeze guard and bark orders of “Green PEPPERS! MORE OLIVES!!” at the teenager struggling to get you out of the store. I much prefer the sit and wait for your sub to the school of micromanaging your food.

After the wife and I got our sub (you can see my order if you so choose to replicate it!) we sat down to eat it noticing that the 14″ sandwich could probably be used as a weapon in a tight spot due to having significant weight to it. It’s hard to “Rate” my sub publicly because I made all of the choices of what actually went into it. So I am just going to tell you about how awesome their ingredients were. The bread was probably the best that I have ever had not getting soft and mushy like other subs but keeping it’s nice toasted shape. They offer a lot of non-typical ingredients to the area such as coleslaw and hot pepper mix which seems like you could be wrong in adding them but it all ended up tasting great. The Wife even exclaimed “This is the best sub, I have ever had!” Which I found hard to argue with because it seemed to have excellent taste and high grade parts to make the whole.

As an added bonus, their soda distribution machine uses crushed ice instead of cubes of ice. This may not seem to be a big deal, but it really seems to effect the taste and consistency. The only other place I have seen crushed ice with finely carbonated drinks has been at Sonic which likes to boast about their drinks (and I agree).


If you are in Highland Park Area or any of their 2 other restaurants (in Minneapolis or Blaine) I would definitely stop in and give them a try. I could probably get myself into trouble eating at Which Wich if their location wasn’t so out of the way to my daily life, but it significantly decreases the odds I will eat anywhere else when I venture to Highland Park.

Have you been to Which Wich either in Minnesota or else where? Do you care about the quality of your sub enough to pay extra or are you looking for something quick and fast?

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  1. We are so pleased you enjoyed your superior experience! At Which Wich Superior Sandwiches we strive for an experience just like the one you and your wife received.

    Thank you again, hope to see you soon.

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