Wifi Tethering.


As you have seen and heard before that I have rooted my Samsung Epic 4g (Note: this isn’t the new Touch version). After struggling for weeks with the wifi tethering app and it never really doing what it is supposed to…. sharing 3g/4g internet with my computer or other devices that do not have the benefit of being internet connected. Am I a quitter? Sometimes, but in this instance I hunted down some other Wifi Tethering options and decided to put them to the test.

1. Wifi Tether

Didn’t work for me. Tinkered with all of the settings and it seemed like internet sharing was just around the corner, but it failed at ever being realized.

2. PDAnet

You don’t need to root your phone to use this program, and it worked great for the short period of time that I used it. Without paying for the “full” program you cannot visit secured website i.e. https: which slightly limits the usefulness unless you are looking to fork over money for a application. Another issue with this program is that it requires you to install software on the computer you are trying to connect to….. which doesn’t work with a chromebook!

3. Barnacle Wifi Tether

This is the one that I finally got to work. There are very few options compared to the other tethering options. Your phone does need to be rooted which limits the usefulness for some people, but if you do indeed root your phone this app works nearly out of “the box” or the install.

Is WiFi so available that there isn’t a use for WiFi tethering? Is it worth skimping out on $20-$40 a month of cost on your cellular phone plan to root your phone? If you haven’t done this yet, why not? If you have how is it working for your?

2 thoughts on “Wifi Tethering.

  1. Rooting my phone and installing Barnacle took me less than 3 minutes……. and I can view https (that’s right secured) websites.

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