Rooting your Phone.

Rooting or flashing firmware to your phone is very similar in benefits to doing the same to your home router. The idea of rooting is unlocking the full potential of your device which may or may not be available on your stock cellular phone when you buy it. What caused me to decide it’s worth rooting my phone? Let me tell* you……

As most stories start out, The Wife just finished smashing the screen of her Samsung Epic 4g (the pictured phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S with Sprint branding). Both of us have been using these phones since we upgraded from phones that hardly used the internet and other features that we ironically still needed to pay full price for. We had purchased them both off of Ebay and sold our other phones to hedge the cost of them at the time. Well I decided to go back to Ebay and buy her another phone to get The Wife through until our plan ends in several months. The phone that I was able to purchase was several $20 bills cheaper than other phones but was rooted to android 2.3.4 which is several iterations of the android OS prior to the current of 2.3.6. Because the OS was outdated and The Wife was going to be using it I decided I needed to unroot the device and return it to default which turned out to be much more complicated than rooting the device was. There are multiple sites that give directions on how to do this, but most don’t have any files since got shutdown, so I needed to hunt them out individually.

If you have another phone and wish to unroot/root it, make sure to read comments below the directions to find out what people are saying…. such as “THIS BRICKED MY PHONE” which would mean the directions might be partially or wholly wrong. After successfully returning The Wife’s phone to stock and it was upgraded successfully to current, I thought that there would be some benefits of rooting my own phone. I rooted my phone because most of the tools needed to unroot a phone are fairly close to what is needed to root a phone, and I decided there were a few benefits of a rooted phone I would like to have. The benefits are being able to backup my phone, and use the controversial program Wifi Tethering to turn my phone’s 3g/4g service into a wireless hot spot for other devices such as a laptop when I am on the road without service. If you’d like* to root your phone this is a good website to find out how to do it, and see if it is worth it to you for the benefits.

Do you think you would like to have a rooted phone? Do you know anyone that has rooted their phone to make it work better for them? Do you think rooting a phone is wrong if you are unlocking features like Wifi Tethering which would cost $20-$40 a month if you opted to do it through your carrier? I’d like to hear your thoughts on rooting even if you have an iphone.

*If you do this to your cellular phone or anything else and it doesn’t work out don’t whine to me or sue me because it does happen. I didn’t tell you how to do it and don’t think you have the skills to do it with the hardware you are using, so only choose to do this with your  own free will and don’t even think about holding me responsible.

2 thoughts on “Rooting your Phone.

  1. I use an iPhone and I run it stock (no jailbreaking/unlocking) because I have no real need to do much more with my phone than what it was originally intended to do.

    While I have tried it before, I see no true benefit for me to continue to do so. I am glad that it’s an option for those who want to do though as your phone is yours to do with as you please regardless of what the carriers want to pretend is the case.

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