Red Bull Crashed Ice.

Has anyone else been through St. Paul around the Cathedral lately? Well if you haven’t, they are building a giant downhill ice skating track that is being paid for by Red Bull. This isn’t a first for Red Bull of sponsoring seemingly off the wall events some others include: Flugtag, Paperwings, and various types of mainstream racing. The event happening near downtown St. Paul is called “Crashed Ice” which gives me a gut feeling that it was named by a 13 year old who has had one to many energy drinks.

They do a much better job advertising for themselves than I ever could so here goes:

This is a layout of the track.

The Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship makes it long-awaited US debut in the opening race of the 2012 edition. Saint Paul, in Minnesota, will host the first round of competition on January 12-14 as the world’s best downhillers break the ice in North America.

I am not sure how you can say something like this is competitive at a professional level or that they have somehow rounded up the “best” of downhill skaters because there is very little opportunity to do this sort of thing not at an event. On the other hand, I think this should be very neat to watch considering how giant the course is and the layout that they have chosen.

The event starts later today (1:30pm) and goes through Saturday, check the schedule in one of the above links for more details, but it is a free event that might be interesting enough to battle the crowds to see. If you aren’t interested in seeing this event happen and live in the Summit Hill area, I suggest you get out of the area before spectators start showing up.

Does this sound like something you would like to show up and see? Have you seen or participated any other Red Bull events? Do events like this help St. Paul or do they hurt the image about doing anything for a quick buck?


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