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Over the weekend, The Wife and I decided to head out to one of the local pub n grubs to get some well…. beer and food. Our destination was J.R. Mac’s which is located along West 7th Street in St. Paul, being roughly half way in between Fort Snelling and the Xcel center. Arriving it’s a little difficult to figure out where to park if their lot is full, but in one of the better neighborhoods to not getting a parking ticket so you can pretty much park anywhere along the street. From the initial opening of their front door you get the Cheers bar feel and a slight bit of panic like you aren’t a regular if you don’t know to seat yourself. There is a large assortment of booths and tables, but definitely has more of a bar feel to the point you wouldn’t really want to bring more than 3 other people with you if you don’t want to wait for food.

The Menu

Not going into any specific items, they have a menu fairly consistent with many bar/restaurants in the area with a few different types of burgers and sandwiches and maybe few soups or something else so your decision of what to get is made pretty easy. One very nice part is that most of their menu items are $5.95 with chips or add another $0.95 for fries that The Wife described as “perfect” which are slightly on the crunchy side. Also if you plan ahead after your first visit they tend to have some sort of food special every day of the week except Sunday. I haven’t every taken advantage of this but am usually not a fan of eating something that is only sold a specific day of the week.

The Brews

Their beers on tap and what you can get in bottles seems to be a much smaller selection that at most bars consisting mostly of common beers like Michelob, Budweiser, and Miller. They do have a Summit, but not much variety so if you are looking to grab a Flat Earth or something more exotic this isn’t the place to look.

The Experience/Food

After sitting down in the sparsely populated restaurant, we were waited on almost immediately and within minutes our orders were placed and we had our drinks. I ordered the J R Mac Burger (of course!) and The Wife got a Virginia (a Rachel without sour kraut?) to be difficult both with fries. The cook must have not been busy because our orders were up in less than 10 minutes. The Wife was very pleased with her Virginia, and loved the crispy fries. My J R Mac burger was excellent, I am always slightly surprised at how large it actually is barely being able to fit into a fully opened mouth. I would describe the burger as a high class Big Mac including thousand island dressing, but no pickles. The only thing that bothers be about it is, it’s so good it makes it hard to try something else.


Overall I would say J R Mac’s makes one of the best if not the best burgers along West 7th. Their location and service also would be hard to beat anywhere in the area without paying 2 – 3 times as much. It’s definitely worth your money and time to venture there for a good burger/sandwich.


It’s said J…… R…… Mac’s.


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