Expanded Gambling.

There has been a lot of debate over how to pay for a new Vikings stadium and one of the options that they are looking at is possibly expanding gambling to include things like a state run casino and improve some things with rule changes like pull tabs. Many opponents of expanded gambling are worried that it will ruin peoples families or other social costs.

I am personally of the opinion that they should loosen many of the rules associated with gambling. First off, any of the associated profits shouldn’t be going toward the Vikings, if they want to have a billion dollar stadium for 8 games a year they should find it in Los Angeles or someplace else if they have the hankering to move. There are many more good causes (or things that the state currently funds) that could use the money and replace funds currently extracted through other means. Honestly, would you rather walk into a state run casino and hand them your money with a slight chance of making money or just mail them a check in the traditional manner?

I would be more in favor of doing gambling the way our neighbors to the North West (North Dakota) run theirs. They have black jack and pull tabs located in bars with a larger percentage of profits going to non-profit organizations. Heck, they have slot machines in gas stations in South Dakota. In ND and SD, I haven’t seen many if any negative effects from gambling. Maybe its just me but the legal use of alcohol or cigarettes seem to be much worse than losing $50 or a $100 at a casino.

The only reason I could see not to allow casinos to be built would be that they could infringe on casinos that currently exist and are spread fairly evenly through out the state. If that isn’t a concern I don’t see why they don’t change the laws.

What do you think? Would expansion of gambling, or a state run casino have detrimental effects on the state populous? Are you for or against profits being used to pay for a local sports stadium?

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