Vikings Stadium.

After reading this article, I breathed a sigh of relief. A basic rundown of the article is that the City of Minneapolis is going to do anything with in it’s power to keep the Vikings in their town. With 3 different proposals that are cheaper than building it in Arden Hills (and increasing my taxes), I highly encourage R.T. to work with Mark Dayton to get the job done and keep the sub-par team out of my area. There are many reasons why Minneapolis is a better candidate than Ramsey County:

  • Larger tax base to spread the ever increasing costs over.
  • More people in close proximity to sellout a game (so I never need to consider shelling out $50 to watch a quarter of football).
  • Keep the perpetrators in the enemy city.
  • R.T. figures it’s his turn for a new stadium again.

Of all the sports a football team is probably the worst investment for drawing in crowds. 8 home games spread over a year means the new stadium will be occupied less than 3% of the time. But it is typical of Minnesotan’s to end up paying for stadiums for unproductive teams that the owners don’t really care whether the teams win or not.

Are sports teams even worth holding onto if they are going to be accosting us for new stadium money every 20 years leaving giant locally owned stadiums vacant? Are we really guaranteed they will stick around for too long after we build them a stadium (LA only has a few sports teams and needs more!)? What is the best way out of this mess?


One thought on “Vikings Stadium.

  1. Zygi does not want the Mpls location because he cannot profit from the area surrounding the stadium like he would in Arden Hills.

    1. Parking spaces would be owned by Wilf in Arden Hills. 21,000 of them. That’s lots of revenue.

    2. Development surrounding the stadium (including hotels, shops, and restaurants) would bring him revenue all the time.

    I don’t know why the Arden Hills site is even a consideration without mass transit options already available. Simply tell him, “no,” and if he moves on, so be it. I won’t complain about watching GB or the Bears instead.

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