After months of battle in Libya, and the facts about what is happening there slowly trickling out it seems that things there are turning for the better. With the battle raging from the east to the west with most of the fighting taking place between¬†pro-Gaddafi forces and “government fighters” as the news keeps calling them. This transition has been far from bloodless, but seems to be headed in a direction that may create a successful non-dictator based government in Libya. I am willing to bet that many Libyans will be happy that their deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed. He was apparently caught alive hiding in a culvert with a golden gun. I think how he was found summarizes his rule and his lifestyle of extravagance and expectation.

The Libyan people have completed the very first step of a long process of forming a new stable government in Northern Africa. From a country with the Highest Human Development Index in Africa will hopefully help them to recover from this devastating war that has been brought from the “Arab Spring” that started to the east in Egypt.

There hasn’t been many articles put out what is the real driving forces are behind these people coming into the streets, protesting, and ultimately picking up weapons against their own government. But I keep finding more and more articles (even locally) that seem to suggest there are religious undertones to these changes that are taking place. Even though we have groups of people protesting in our streets, they are hardly chanting things like “God is Great” or anything religious at all. This article I found at CNN suggest that with many power vacuums being created in the Middle East and in Africa¬† these areas could essentially be rotating out dictators and poorly functioning governments with potentially worse governments that are even more hostile to the United States and our Allies.

What are your thoughts on the all the internal conflict in the Middle East and Africa? Do you think that any of it has been driven by the US’s actions in Iraq or Afghanistan or NATO support in Libya? Is it better for America to have a bad dictator in place or have unorganized conflict? With the government building process being very very slow in the countries that the US is trying to rebuild I can only hope that the Libyans can find a way to set up a functioning free government.


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