Most people are probably aware of something called “android” which is an operating system (OS) for nearly every time of mobile device you see in everyday life.  To a lot of people they don’t know the difference they just know they have a preference between Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0 or whatever they are cooking up at Apple or Microsoft these days. Fortunately or not, Google owns and is the force behind Android’s current popularity and will continue to do so unless something major happens.

For mobile devices such as phones and tablets, I much prefer android and the most up to date versions that I can get. 2.1 through 2.3 are in general on mobile “smart” phones and 3.0 through 4.0 are in general on tablets. The higher the number the more optimized the OS for your particular device with specifics standardizing the version. If you are going to get a new phone or tablet in the future I would definitely look into what “current” versions are and see if they are rolling something out in the near future.

The Android OS is “open-sourced” which means it has community development of features and the actual OS can be changed for various uses. Being owned and pushed forward by Google is a definite advantage to this system with updates and new features and phones being supported all of the time.  I feel like Google is trying to edge out competition from Apple or Microsoft based programs through providing advanced features and better operation than having a “take it or leave it” attitude on the Ipad or Iphone.

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