Cow Bella

2014-05-21 15.58.05Less and less often I am tempted by a deal site like Groupon or Livingsocial to actually go ahead and pull the trigger to “save”. Most of the options aren’t that appealing. One thing that does pull me in is when something is either new to the area or is offering something that I hope is different which is the case with Cow Bella in St. Paul.

The Shop Location

The shop is easy to get to if you are already in St. Paul. It’s located near between Snelling and Fairview on Grand Avenue next to the Macalester Campus. Like most things on Grand Ave. parking can get interesting  depending on what time of the day you are there. It’s a little shop sandwiched between others so keep your eyes peeled as you drive by.

The Food/Service

I hesitate to call them a restaurant because from my quick determination of their shop it looks like they serve 2 things Gelato/Sorbetto and Coffee/Espresso. It’s a clean little shop with a few booths and tables with a somewhat 1950′s atmosphere.

Making my way to the shop in the mid-afternoon and being a fan of gelato that’s what I ended up getting. There wasn’t anyone else in the store, but it could get interesting quickly with what I would call coffee house style of ordering. You look at the board above and determine what you want then you pick out the flavors you want down at the counter.

They had 10 – 15 flavors of Gelato/Sorbetto at the time, and the varieties covered regular flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and various fruits and mixtures with other treats. One of the things that I do like opposed to someplace like Coldstone Creamery is you don’t need to horse around with “mix-ins” and other little things that make the person ordering in front of you take 5-15 minutes.

The gelato that I had was very creamy and light like you’d expect and was very flavorful and I really liked it. The raspberry sorbetto I tried, actually made me consider buying some to bring home.


Overall, I will be making my way back here during the summer sometime. The products they sell are really tasty and are very reasonably priced compared to major chains and other ice cream places along Grand Avenue. So if you are in the neighborhood, or looking to try something new and worthwhile I’d give Cow Bella a try.

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