Ad Council Outgrown Usefulness?


Every so often you will see a TV advertisement or a bill board put out by the Ad Council that contain information about something most of us take for granted like spending time with your kids or buckling up.

Recently, I saw a billboard telling us to brush our teeth two times a day and took note of the website put on by the Ad Council. How common of knowledge this is, and that there are two of these billboards within 6 blocks of my house got me wondering how useful this information is. Why am I bothered?

Sure some of the funding comes from various sponsors, but I don’t like the idea that a majority of the money is coming from the US government. Don’t most kids learn to brush their teeth in kindergarten? Should we need to pay taxes to buy billboards to tell people to not do something illegal like talk on their cellphones while they drive? Would you even change a bad habit after seeing a billboard or TV advertisement? I didn’t think so either.

Snowy St. Paul.

After receiving several complaints about inadequate snow removal in St. Paul, the mayor apparently decided to do something about it.  Chris Coleman fired a few people and opted to buy some new snow plows. From the linked article from early December and a resident of St. Paul, I can assure you that nothing has changed so far. I pose this questions:

Why do we have… Continue reading

Cheap Lessons.

There are a lot of times in life when you think you are doing the right thing or taking the best course of action. When things turn bad with many of these events, most people don’t take the time to reflect on them, and simply think that someone is out to get them or they have bad luck. Well here’s a cheap lesson I picked up in the last day… Continue reading